Our Story

We are a natural supplements company that focuses on helping women over 30 lose weight by repairing their gut flora.

With so much junk, processed and artificially flavored food being the easiest and fastest way to grab a meal, America has a 33% obesity rate and it's been climbing steadily over the last decade at alarming speed.

BILLIONS of dollars spent by the food industry each year to constantly advertise sweet treats to stressed workers is a HUGE money making phenomenon that is hurting our country.

The worst part?

Americans are STUCK in this lifestyle...

And we've learnt that trying to prevent people from how they want to live their life is close to impossible.

That's why even though billions are spent in the fitness, weight loss industry each year, obesity isn't slowing down.

At Better Body Co, we're not trying to change the way people live their life, that's their decision.

We're in the business of TRANSITION.

If ladies start taking a blend of specific strains of probiotics and natural herbs that prevent cravings, they'll see that they're no longer slaves to their lifestyles of fast food, low energy and pain. They'll be able to say NO to junk food and have the energy to start working out again if they wish.

Whether they want to make that BIG shift, that's up to them.

Our job is to give them the means and make it possible to achieve it. 

The problem with the weight loss industry is that they're so droned in on making a quick buck and solving short-term "surface problems" like erasing belly fat, tightening waists and hips that they don't look at the long-term solution...

Fixing your gut!

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, mentioned 2,000 years ago that all disease starts with your gut.

That's why we're making sure America takes this seriously and with this new found hope, eventually reversing obesity, the risks of diabetes, high blood pressure and sky-high cholesterol levels.

Only when their gut is in good shape will they be able to spend more quality time with their family and fully focus on their work.

Our Mission

Helping You Discover the Ultimate You

Because a healthy lifestyle goes way beyond body shape, we want you to discover the amazing benefits you’ll get from eating clean and exercising regularly as well as those you’ll get from our products.

All of us here at BetterBody are united in our mission to help you Discover the Ultimate You - through feeling, thinking and living better.

Who we Are

We the Better Body Company are a health supplement company who work with health and manufacturing experts to bring you safe and effective solutions based on proven scientific data from clinical studies and market research.

We are constantly improving our products and services based on your feedback, as we keep in touch with customers and help them with their health journey.

We believe in improving your health by targeting the root of all...

Fixing your gut.

We believe our products should set you on the right track for the long-term.

Using clinical and market research, and collaborating with industry health experts, we formulate our own health products that have helped our customers lose stubborn fat off their belly.

- Improve their gut health
- Reduce their body pains
- Boost their energy
- Improve their mood
- Improve their quality of sleep
- And most of all, achieve a better life

In fact, it makes us smile every time our customers tell us how they “got back at their haters” with their newfound body and whole new life.

More about our products here.

Our Vision

Our philosophy is to provide top quality products that will help our customers balance their fitness goals, aid healthy eating and achieve an overall sense of well-being – as well as taste delicious!

Why the gut?

We truly believe that by revitalizing our gut health, we will all be able to manage the biggest and most worrying health challenges that we face daily. And worldwide studies are only beginning to show the potential impact that our gut can have towards leading a healthier life.

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