[Guest Checkout] Previtalize | Best Natural Herb-Enhanced Super Prebiotic


[Guest Checkout] Previtalize | Best Natural Herb-Enhanced Super Prebiotic

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Previtalize is an enhanced prebiotic uniquely designed toreduce stress,improve mood and emotional well-being, andincrease sleep quality; all whileaccelerating fat loss in the body when taken together with Provitalize.

What makes Previtalize unique and superior is its natural blend ofherbs that helps your gut readily absorb nutrients, reducing gas, bloating and stomach upset.

Multiple studies (see reference below) have shown that long-term daily consumption of prebiotics found in Previtalize can:

  • Increase burning of fat cells (through fat oxidation) [1]

  • Reduce overall body fat [1]

  • Decrease fat storage and prevent fat accumulation in the long term. This means that if you take Previtalize continuously every day, you can lose fat and continue to stay slim! [1]

  • Increase serotonin production (aka the happiness hormones). [2] Higher serotonin level is associated with eliminating food cravings and increasing weight loss

  • Improve sleep quality [2]

  • Reduce stress [2]


5 Ways Prebiotic in Previtalize Aids Weight Loss

1. Increase Effectiveness of the Probiotics in Provitalize (a.k.a. Stronger Weight Loss Effect)

Previtalize is made up of several types of “resistant-starches”. Even though these resistant starches are mainly made up of carbohydrates, they do not act like “normal” carbs in the body. Instead of getting digested, they pass through the stomach fully intact (without raising blood sugar) and wind up in the colon. From here, they are used to feed the beneficial bacteria in our digestive system.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) [3], prebiotics help to accelerate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. But the biggest benefit of prebiotics is that they can “enhance the effect of probiotic bacteria”. [3]

Do you know what this means?

It means when you take Previtalize together with Provitalize, theprebiotics will become food for the fat-burning bacteria, helping it to grow faster and flourish.

Put simply, it greatly enhances the power of Provitalize.

2. Burn Body Fat and Keep it Off… Forever

Research has shown that taking the prebiotics found in Previtalize lead to “significantly increased fat oxidation.” [2]

In other words,when you take Previtalize, your body will burn off more fat cells effortlessly and naturally.

But that’s not all! The most exciting thing is:

This study also concluded it could lead to "decreased fat accumulation in the long-term”. [2]

To put this in simpler terms, when you take Previtalize every day for the long term, not only will it help you lose weight, it could also help to keep unwanted fat off forever!

Isn’t that amazing?

3. Reduce Stress and Improve Stress Management

    You're most likely aware that chronic stress is one of the leading causes of rapid weight gain. What’s even worse is that most of the fat gained will be deposited on the belly area (not good if you want a flatter tummy).

    When the body is experiencing a high level of stress, not only will it cause us to overeat (eating much much more than we know we should.. but we can’t help it), it will also make us experience unwanted cravings (it’s so tiring trying to resist them all day long and so much easier to just give in).

    High levels of stress will also “signal” your body to prioritize storing fat over everything else. So, one of the most important things you must do to lose weight is to reduce your stress level.

    Unfortunately, reducing stress is not always easy. There are so many family factors, lifestyle factors and circumstances outside our control.

    But the good news is, continuous consumption of the prebiotics found in Previtalize will lead to a lower overall stress level AND improvement of your response to stressful triggers and events [1].

    In other words, taking Previtalize every day for the long term leads to lower stress and eventually a flatter tummy!

    4. Improve Mood and Curb Emotional Eating

    Besides reducing stress level, the prebiotics in Previtalize will also increase serotonin production in your body. [2]

    As you know, serotonin is often called the happiness and contentment hormone. Higher serotonin levels are often associated with higher emotional and mental well-being (it will also indirectly reduces stress level).

    Now here’s where it gets interesting…

    Not many people know this, butserotonin is a natural appetite suppressant found in each person’s body (it’s natural and healthy).

    Low levels of serotonin are often associated with weight gain. When serotonin levels are down, we tend to crave more refinedcarbohydrates and sugar.

    It’s one of the biggest causes of binge eating and emotional eating.

    On the other hand, when your body has a higher level of serotonin, this powerful hormone will curb food cravings and severely reduce your appetite when necessary (in an optimal and healthy way). It makes you feel satisfied when you're body has enough nutrients, which is how the body is supposed to be.

    And the result?

    Less food intake which will lead to healthy, natural weight loss.

    5. Improve Quality of Sleep

    Did you know that a lack of sleep will increase fat production and cause rapid weight gain?

    Too little sleep increases the concentration of a hormone that makes you feel hungry all the time, while suppressing a powerful hormone that signals satiety and food satisfaction.

    When this happens, even when you’re full, you still want to eat more and more.

    What’s worse, when you try to lose weight with little food intake, most of the weight you lose will come from lean body mass instead of fat. So the end result is your body holding on to stubborn fat (bad) while it burns off lean muscle (super-bad) for energy.

    When you take Previtalize, one of the amazing side benefits (besides weight loss) you will notice is that it will help increase the overall quality of sleep. [2]

    This, in turn, will boost the powerful hormone that signals satiety and food satisfaction.

    When you take Previtalize every night before you sleep, you will be able to sleep better, reduce fat production and lose weight all at the same time.

    But that’s not all...

    You see, when consuming Previtalize every day, you will also experience a host of other benefits including:

    • Improved glucose metabolism

    • Better digestion and healthy digestive functions

    • Natural support and maintenance healthy blood sugar level

    • Enhanced and strengthened immune system

    • Increased absorption of important nutrients like magnesium and calcium

    • Stronger joints and bone density

    • Improved brain functions

    • Reduced water retention and bloatedness